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I have lived in New Zealand for 45 years. I like this country, but I intensely dislike the greed of its conservatives. New Zealanders must ask themselves: why did we let these guys win?


  1. Chris Jackson says:

    Hi Lefter, why is New Zealand so devoid of left leaning politics that have any discernable following? I have read about the Alliance Party, the Progressive Party etc, but they all seem either inert or defunct. I am a POM who has lived in NZ for 5 years, I’ve noticed (up until the Jeremy Corbyn that is) that politics in NZ is similar to the UK, where most of the mainstream politics has drifted not only to the centre, but all the way over to the right.

    This is disconcerting at a time when we need politics of compassion and cooperation, not right wing individualism. At a time when neoliberalism is reaching it’s obvious conclusion of depleting the world of it’s natural resources, whilst making the gap between the rich and poor obscene. Governments have betrayed the people by making it easier for corporations to call the shots, such as railroading legislation such as TPP.

    I guess my question is where is the lefts voice in New Zealand and why is it so quiet? I get so frustrated shouting this out, but nobody seems to care, as long as they get their next desired consumer item. The western worlds political apathy is killing me.

  2. emweb says:

    I wish we had a left wing party to vote for, I really do, Chris.

  3. Robert says:

    If you had to establish a left wing New Zealand party worth following, which current politicians would you select ? (From any party)

  4. emweb says:

    Really don’t know any more. A couple of years ago I would have said Grant Robertson.

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