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November 13, 2008 by emweb

The new government has been elected, and my beloved Grey Lynn is now part of a National-held electorate. For the first time ever. It makes me feel nauseous. The party of John Key all seems to toe the line “equality of opportunity, not of outcome”. In other words, if I present the same opportunity to a Remuera student and a same-age student from the Hokianga, that’s fair. What they do with that, well, who cares?

Having the tools, upbringing and background to exploit and manage those opportunities is not considered, but since they don’t believe in equality of outcome, tough shit. Charming. Raise the class flag and go for your life. John Key can emerge from a solo-parent and state house background and, thanks to his overweening greed, become a millionaire, so why can’t you?

Why should you, for goodness sake? Some people just aren’t greedy, John Key. They actually care about other people and their communities.

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