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Lefter 86 ~ Fuck the centre!

August 2, 2017 by emweb

Well, f-i-n-a-l-l-y Labour did something transformative, or so it appears.

Now, all the commentators saying Labour should fight for the centre … no!


Fuck the centre. National has it, and it’s been shrinking anyway. Steadily killing the middle class has been killing education, the arts and, for those economically-focussed, tax revenues. The poor can’t pay tax, and the rich avoid it, so the middle class carries the tax burden. Squeezing the middle to foster the inequality that makes life still more lucrative for the rich has resulted in a bewildered group in the ‘centre’ and loads of non-voters.

Labour, if you’ve been wondering where all those Labour votes have been going, it’s the left-wing voters you have been losing. Bring us back! Offer us policies that will solve inequality that this courting of the centre for the last two decades has brought us.

Little looked like a little shadow of Bill English. Puke. That’s why he was so unpopular. He was inoffensive, waffling and dull – like Bill English. We need different, not the same.
For goodness sake, Labour, give us something we can believe in: a future, caring for all New Zealanders, that doesn’t promote rich white men to the exclusion of all others, with social awareness, with the equality New Zealand used to be famous for. Something that protects and nourishes what used to be the best natural environment in the world.

You know. If you try really hard, some of you may even be able to remember it.
It’s called The Left.

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